Executive Director
Amanda Jo Cary BA, NCCPSS

Amanda currently works as a Case Manager with the Buncombe County Re-Entry Council, which provides supportive services (housing, education, transportation and employment) to people returning to Buncombe County from prison. Prior to re-entry work, she worked as a substance use counselor at a medication assisted treatment center. Amanda identifies as a person living in long term wellness and recovery from substance use and mental health challenges. She moved to the Asheville area in 2010 to enter into long term treatment and found this to be what she considers home. 

Amanda started this program to meet a need found within her reentry work and is excited about the possibilities for expansion.

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”
― Herman Melville

Board Member, Treasurer
Brad Murphy

Brad Murphy is currently the general manager of the Great Backyard Place of Asheville. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Brad has called Asheville home since 2015.  Being a part of Reconnecting Reentry is exciting for him because he understands first hand what it is like to have no means of connecting with others and firmly believes in second chances in life.

“Brad is working on a quote”
― Herman Melville

Board Member, Secretary
Jo Hamilton

 Jo is in the 21st year of her teaching career and currently teaches 4th grade at Scotts Creek School in Sylva, NC. She holds a Bachelor's degree in education and a Master's degree in educational leadership. She is passionate about the social and emotional health of her students and believes it is at the heart of academic success. Jo's commitment to the work of Reconnecting Reentry comes from her deep compassion for those working to set their lives on a path of recovery and wellness.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
― Albert Einstein

Board Member, Web & Social Media
Jamie Cecil

Jamie graduated...  I'm not going to write in 3rd person, that's weird!  After conquering a decades long opioid addiction and accompanying life of crime, I pursued and graduated Information Technology; Web & Software Development degree while working the "gig economy".  Currently involved with several local non-profits including Reconnecting Reentry, Asheville Strong, with others in the works, while also managing and maintaining Web Development services at RevJPC.


Born and Raised in the Pacific Northwest, PROUD "Ashevillian" since 2013 with every intention of dying in WNC (hopefully not soon), happily married with 3 great kids and a dog.  When not working or volunteering, I enjoy typical geek hobbies, 3D Printing, Quadcopter racing and tinkering with far too many vintage Infiniti's

"We're all in this together is a far better philosophy than you're on your own."
― William Jefferson Clinton

Board Member
Justin Bott

Justin, is a recently incarcerated person who has made the decision to change his life. He currently works at CKS Packaging, but having just gotten certified as a Certified Peer Support Specialist in North Carolina, he is seeking to start on his new career as a Peer Support Specialist and inmate advocate. He is the founder of the Phoenix Inmate Companion that distributes a newsletter throughout the Federal Bureau of Prisons helping inmates with rehabilitation and reentry efforts.

"10% of life is what happens to you. 90% is how you react to it."

― Anonymous

Board Member
Tanasia Boyd

Tanasia Boyd is a peer support specialist who grew up around substance use and mental difficulties and has struggled with both herself. Her recovery began when her ongoing battle with drug use spiraled downward leading to homelessness and feeling completely hopeless. She works at Sunrise Community as the Harm Reduction Coordinator, leading the Syringe Services Program at the Buncombe County Health Department, engaging individuals in the community with education about infectious disease prevention, referrals to additional services, sterile injection supplies and peer support. Her passion is helping others and treating them with compassion and respect.

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do..”
― Brian Tracy