Why we do it



"This is my first computer ever! It has really made me more optimistic about going forward and the opportunities that will soon be available to me. This will help me to start online classes soon."


"Having a laptop is priceless to my reentry and recovery journey. This will help free me to move forward in my life by giving me the means to connect with the services that are essential to my success!"


"This is truly a blessing. I will be able to better my life in so many ways! First thing I am going to do is make a resume and apply online for a better job so that I can provide more for my family."


"This means everything to me! I can better serve my community by working as a peer support. I have never had a laptop before and I know how many doors this will open for me!"


"Getting a laptop means that I can finally realize my vision of bettering my life and financial situation through education. Without the laptop program I wouldn't be able to go to school because my financial aid money doesn't cover laptops, and all the courses are now online due to covid. I am so grateful for this program."


"This laptop will allow me to attend recovery meetings and possibly return to school. I will be able to see better on a screen that is bigger than my phone and that will build my confidence. I feel very blessed to receive this."

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